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BioSource Nail Care

BioSource users saw over 90% Improvement to Nail Health.
- Clinically Documented.

BioSource for Nails

BioSource for Nails products are designed  to provide effective, natural therapy for all nail types. The natural strengthening and conditioning elements used in BioSource for Nails products are self-governing. As in nature, they provide only the amount of therapy required and never over-treat or underperform. Whether nails are healthy, soft and peeling, or hard and brittle, BioSource for Nails products work to grow and keep healthy, natural nails. 

BioSource for Nails products deliver beautiful, healthy nails for all types of manicure:

1. Clear Therapy Manicure:

PURE THERAPY is a crystal clear treatment that delivers the same natural therapy as other BioSource products to condition nails and maintain nail health, strength, and flexibility. Pure Therapy, because it is completely clear, is especially useful in soft, peeling nails, where frequent re-application to the nail edge is required.

2.Natural Manicure:

NUDE COVER, is one step nail care in an all-in-one product that strengthens, enhances, and protects the natural nail. This completely unique product acts as a Base Coat to adhere tightly to the nail surface, a Top Coat that cures to a diamond finish, and a Therapy Agent that strengthens and conditions the nail while providing strength and flexibility. Natural tints and optical filters enhance the natural appearance and beauty of the nail and nail bed.

3. Color Manicure:

STRENGTHENING BASE COAT is applied directly to the bare nail and creates a tight bond between polish and the nail surface that prevents chipping and peeling and extends the life of the manicure. Natural strengthening and conditioning elements deliver continuing natural therapy to the nail, increasing health, strength, and flexibility. 

BRILLIANT TOP COAT, applied over the color polish layer, dries to a clear-armor glossy finish that enhances the appearance of any polish and extends the life of the manicure by protecting from dents, chips, and scratches.

Self Governing Therapy

Weather, lifestyle, daily living, age, and heredity all influence the condition  of your nails. Different nail conditions require different amounts and different types of nail therapy and conditioning. As in plants, the self-governing properties of the natural conditioning and strengthening elements in BioSource for Nails products deliver just the right amount of therapy and can never over-treat or under-perform.

Which BiSource for Nails product?

That depends upon the desired manicure and appearance.

PURE THERAPY provides effective natural, self-governing therapy in a crystal clear product that adheres tightly to the nail and forms a hard armor glossy surface that protects and enhances the appearance of the natural, uncolored nail.

NUDE COVER is an all-in-one product that enhances the natural beauty fo the nail and nail bed while providing effective therapy to keep nails strong and flexible. Natural tints and optical enhancing agents enhance the natural beauty of the nail and nail bed. This unique product acts as a highly effective base coat and top coat, adhering tightly to the natural nail drying to a hard armor protective finish that enhances the beauty extends the life of the manicure.

COLOR MANICURES use STRENGTHENING BASE COAT to bond the polish tightly to the nail surface and provide natural therapy to the nail. BRILLIANT TOP COAT, applied over the color polish, enhances that appearance of the manicure with a diamond hard glossy finish that protects against damage to extend the life of the manicure.

Application Instructions

  1. Begin with clean, dry nails with no grease or solvents on the nail surface. It is very important, for a natural nail manicure, that the nail surface is completely clean and dry. Lotions, hand creams, and other treatments can leave a residue on the nail surface that can interfere with the natural elements strengthening, conditioning, and bonding to the natural nail. For best results, apply any hand creme, lotion, or other treatment before removing old polish to protect the nail surface and to keep it clean and dry.

  2. Apply all products starting at the base of the nail and ending at the free edge. Cover the free undersurface of the nail to provide additional protection.

  3. For effective natural nail therapy and protection without any color or enhancement, apply two coats of PURE THERAPY to the clean, dry nail. Apply one coat of PURE THERAPY every day to reseal and protect the free edge of the nail.

  4. For a beautiful, natural manicure, use NUDE COVER one step nail care. Apply two coats of NUDE COVER directly to the clean, dry nail. If a deeper tint is desired, apply an additional coat.

  5. For a manicure using color polish, apply one coat STRENGTHENING BASE COAT to the clean, dry nail surface. Apply desired color polish. Finally, apply one coat of BRILLIANT TOP COAT over the polish to protect the manicure and enhance the appearance of the color.